Super Bowl line: Eagles -2 vs. Chiefs

Brad Senkiw

Staff member
Kind of surprised to see the Chiefs actually open as the short favorite before the betting market quickly pushed the Eagles -2. Philadelphia has rolled easily and been more dominant. Granted, the Chiefs have had a tougher road to the Super Bowl.

Still, it feels right to see Philly favored. The question now is what will the line do for nearly two weeks? We've already seen this number flirt with -2.5 at some sportsbooks. That might be a sign of things to come, but I don't think it gets to -3 or higher. That would be really surprising. Books would get hammered with Chiefs' bets.

There's a better chance the market forces the line down than up. I think the Eagles will stay as the favorite but I could see it being closer to a coin flip leading up to kickoff.

Who do you like to win the Super Bowl?