Clemson INJURY thoughts at FSU

Brad Senkiw

Staff member
Clemson takes on FSU today at 5 p.m. While we're still waiting on a more official status report from Tallahassee, here's what we know/think will happen in terms of availability:

— The Tigers will be without guard Brevin Galloway after he suffered a bizarre "abdominal" injury on Thursday. It's a big loss as Clemson's guard depth is really getting tested.

— Nothing is confirmed yet, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see guard Chase Hunter return to the floor. He's missed the last three games with a foot injury, but he might've been on the court Tuesday if Clemson had been playing a tougher opponent than Georgia Tech. With Galloway sidelined, this road game today would be a good time for Hunter to play and we are expecting as much at this point.

— Alex Hemenway (foot) is still questionable and he might need a little more time before coming back. It's more likely he'll be back in February.

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