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    2022 TE Jaleel Skinner Announces Commitment

    Shocking that Alabama would be the school not to back off a talented kid with character issues. Surprised UGA didn’t put up more of a fight for this kid
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    Dabo Swinney says that Dietrick Pennington is out for the season with a torn ACL

    Hopefully he can recover well and bounce back. Good news is it was only after two games so he won’t lose a year of eligibility bc of this. I think he could turn out to be a John Simpson type of interior mauler in the run game.
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    Recruiting: Visitors for SC State Game

    I read that Oscar Delp is coming today as well. Is that correct?
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    Clemson falls in Coaches Poll

    Is anyone else questioning how Wisconsin is still No. 17? Or how they were ranked No. 12 to begin with after going 3-3 last year?
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    Clemson's Depth Chart is Released

    Interesting. They literally just copied and pasted the pre-camp depth chart then. I’d be surprised if that’s how things actually play out at a few of those positions Saturday.
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    Clemson's Depth Chart is Released

    Isn’t that the pre-camp depth chart?
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    Travis Shaw Sets Commitment Date

    Three more flips to UNC today. Definitely wouldn’t count us out yet, but these guys aren’t flipping for no reason. I would guess Shaw set his commitment date with the plan of announcing for the Tar Heels. The question is whether or not he’s going to hear our final pitch.
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    Travis Shaw Sets Commitment Date

    Hickey and now Wiltfong have flipped to UNC. I think we are one of two he is seriously considering, but Carolina definitely seems to be the favorite.
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    SI All-American Watch: Oscar Delp

    Would you say they are slight ones with Carolina running second and us third?
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    How good will Clemson's D-line be in 2021?

    I think our starting four from 2018 may never be matched. But from a depth standpoint, I think we are even better this year. We have four DEs that would start for any school in the country, and two guys at DTs that are first round picks, backed up by a load of former top 100 recruits. I think...
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    Elite Edge Rusher Set to Name Top-4 Schools

    Do you think we will get back in on Wesolak? Seemed like it was only a matter of time before he became our other DE commit until the Alexander situation happened.
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    SI All American Watch List: Blake Miller

    By far the highest I have seen either of these two rated. What are your thoughts on Miller? To me, he seems to fit the stereotype of the old-school Midwest lineman
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    Priority Clemson CB Target Set to Announce Wednesday

    Where do you think our chances with Shaw stand right now? I’ve been hearing from the Georgia folk that they still believe it’s really a two team battle between them and UNC.
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    2022 CB Target Sets July Commitment Date

    No cookout means no Everette. Does this mean we only take two corners or is there another possible target for a third spot?