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  1. TigerNE_CU

    Latest On 2023 RB Jamarius Haynes

    Lot of familial tugging going on maybe?
  2. TigerNE_CU

    List of Recruits Set to Visit for Rivalry Game

    Hahaha. Trolls on a Monday. I needed a good pity laugh.
  3. TigerNE_CU

    Clemson Commit Visits FSU

    Hasn't FSU steadily stayed in touch with Kylen even after the verbal?
  4. TigerNE_CU

    List of Recruits Visiting for Miami Game

    Who do you think is the "hottest" RB for the staff, meaning more likely to give the verbal?
  5. TigerNE_CU

    Latest On 2023 DT Kayden Mcdonald

    Any Auburn verbals that are crossovers for Clemson? A lot of "expert" fan-recruiters LOL covet Cobb for RB.
  6. TigerNE_CU

    Latest On 2023 DT Kayden Mcdonald

    If McDonald picks Clemson, do you think that has much of any influence on Tomarrion Parker's decision?
  7. TigerNE_CU

    Recruiting Mailbag

    What is your best guess for the outlook at RB for 23 and 24 classes? Seems like for 23 they are keying on a couple or few underrated kids that may have upsides after development. Certainly Jamarius Haynes may have speed. But 24 the quietest position seems to be RB so far. Feels strange. Also...
  8. TigerNE_CU

    All Clemson Recruiting Mailbag

    Will there be more offers made to DEs soon?
  9. TigerNE_CU

    Clemson Punter

    Is punting getting stable every day now? If so, I can live with a crappy start.
  10. TigerNE_CU

    2023 WR Tyler Williams Sets Commitment Date, Names 5 Finalists

    Baffling how a coach who built his reputation on getting and developing WRs seems to be struggling lately. Last year feels like part luck to get Randall and Antonio W. later in the season. Can the same magic strike twice?
  11. TigerNE_CU

    (WATCH) Monte Lee Talks 17-2 Loss to Coastal

    Has Clemson ever had such a bad ACC record or ranking?
  12. TigerNE_CU

    2023 DB Picks Up Clemson Offer

    Does this signal anything on the previous priority targets at that position especially Downs?
  13. TigerNE_CU

    2023 TE Announces Clemson Offer

    Yeah I just looked up his twitter account and he profiles himself as 6-4 and 210.
  14. TigerNE_CU

    2023 TE Announces Clemson Offer

    Has he grown recently? One site lists him as 6-2 and 210. Not exactly TE framed.
  15. TigerNE_CU

    Clemson On Verge of Losing 2023 Commitment?

    Would be interesting to know more about the backstory at some point if it's knowable. Weird that in 4 weeks his mood changed that drastically and he seems already just as "All In" with OU.
  16. TigerNE_CU

    2023 WR Target Drops Top 10

    Feels like there's a looong way to go to land him.
  17. TigerNE_CU

    2023 OL Target Releases Top Schools List

    Glad we made it. But 10. C'mon man......
  18. TigerNE_CU

    Is Braxton Myers still set for June 3?

    I guess I'm the type that once I would make public my announcement date, I would probably cancel OVs that come after that. What's the point? Unless he's just trying to keep fans of as many teams as he can drawn in. Again, for NIL and future "earnings" potential.
  19. TigerNE_CU

    Is Braxton Myers still set for June 3?

    Making all the timing and messaging even weirder. Once he set a date, just ending OVs might've been a good move. But I also understand it's the NIL $$$$ era. So there's "value" in the "trending" and traction you get by playing a game. Don't let anybody in on your plans and keep the clues...