With Clemson out of the playoff this year, who do you want to see in it...

Zach Lentz

Staff member
Personally, I want to see absolute and utter mayhem! Give me Cincy, Iowa, Georgia, Big Blue (Kentucky or Michigan) and Coastal all in it with a shot.

Jason Priester

Staff member
The sport needs some fresh blood in it. I would love to see Wake run the table and the committee have to grin and bear it while they are forced to put them in


I'd like to see a serious shuffle just to quiet all the expansion noise for even longer. Can't really "wish" for many other teams except perhaps Iowa and Wake just because I respect their coaches. Satan himself would need thermal underwear long, long before I'd ever root for UGA in any way. Partly because of my decades and decades long history with those fans. But also because a really LSU-type season for UGA will only strengthen Kirby's grip on the top talent in Georgia.


New member
Georgia -just because it's Georgia.
Coastal because they are the really new kid on the block.
Wake--really good school.
Cincy---they have awesome chili there. (4 way or 6 way). And chili is great for the playoff games on a chilly day.