What do you think is the No. 1 thing that the Tigers

Zach Lentz

Staff member
need to work on during the bye week?

For me, the obvious thing is to get healthy, but outside of that I believe the Tigers need to get back to the fundamentals


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1) compile a tape for the offense with comparisons of missed blocking opportunities vs successful blocks.
and for extra credit, 2) take the playcalling changes that worked last week and build not only plays that build off those theories but ones that complement them by making the defense respect other options as well.


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Take a chill pill. It will all work out fine.
To get back to the top, one has to start out beneath the top.
DJ runs a little more, passes a little faster, and offense line continue to come together.


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Get well, and the receivers need to spend a lot of time standing in front of the jugs machines!


All I hope to see on Friday is an offense mostly with Allen and Ennis taking snaps and some play calling that makes use of them. The more I see Galloway, the more I know this will be yet another game were the defense's last stand is the only chance the team will have to win. Not only can they secure a football, but they can help a slowly developing O line better than Galloway, too.