Should Clemson get out of the ACC


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It may finally end up being a situation that forces that decision. Realignment PLUS the playoff changes that almost have to follow will dictate it all. I mean, if what are now the SEC and B10 end up creating two 20 team mega-conferences, the ACC becomes essentially more like what is now a G5. Clemson by itself can't float a conference to that level. No evidence yet that a UNC or Miami, or heck even an FSU, can or will offer much support as far as being teams that could make it to the final 12 and be competitive. Or whatever the # of playoff teams will be.

The money difference will only make the divide grow stronger a faster. Not hard to imagine teams getting north of $80 mil a year thanks to extra playoff cash in addition to better mega conference deals. All while the ACC moves from $35 to, what, $40 mil? Woohoo! Imagine being a big national NIL participant too. Some brand that will spend on multiple players across the country. You can have your pick of players from mega-conferences and get all your marketing band without having to worry about the "little" conferences. Say a Doritos or Nokia or Chick-fil-A that already put a lot of money into sponsorships.

Jason Priester

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If there is a legit opportunity to jump in with the SEC, you gotta jump on it. Having said that, Clemson can't make a hasty decision here either.


If they have an opportunity to join SEC, they should go. If they have an opportunity to join Big Ten, and it appears OSU & Michigan are staying put, they should go.
I’ve posted on multiple sites my thoughts. I’ve just got to believe, with Dabo’s proactive nature, when the time is right, we’ll join the SEC. It comes down to money and there isn’t anything wrong with improving your financial bottom line.


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I think a move would be better for the tigers if it became available. I just don’t know, with the grant of rights, how much it would cost to get out of the current contract. And I don’t think the Acc would want to negotiate their best team leaving with so many years left in the contract.


Grant of Rights really complicates any decision. It may not be as easy as just wanting to join another conference. Only positive is the party enforcing that contract requirement could benefit from relieving Clemson from it.


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In my own opinion, no. At least not for a while. The way I see it, the only thing(s) that will improve, are the fact that more of our games will be challenging and the crowds will be bigger. Everything else will either stay the same or get worse. We all know Clemson and the SEC do not get along. so I feel it will negatively impact the game day experience for Clemson fans (at least at away games). As for home games, they will all get crazy expensive, and most fans who are not millionaires or live in the Clemson area will not be able to attend any. Pardon my sounding like a pessimist.