QB-WR chemistry


Last year DJ and the receiving corps appeared to me to have had very little interaction during the off season. From day one of preseason camp there were reports of too many drops, inaccurate thows, bust plays, rusty, etc. Did DJ spend a lot more time this summer working with Clemson receivers? I ask because there was some info circulating regarding his work with a QB guru in California. QB-WR chemistry is often not reflected in their individual talents as much as in their dedication and work ethic to get on the same page through reps, reps, reps...together.

Zach Lentz

Staff member
I agree and can confirm that he has been in Cai working out. However, this is not unheard of, in fact, it happens all of the time--especially during first summer session when they are not on campus. Receivers do the same, and while a lot can be made of this, I believe that he has put in a great deal of work with the receivers that are available during the second summer session.