List of Recruits Visiting for NC State

Jason Priester

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Weather or no weather, this is a big recruiting weekend for Clemson. While it would not be surprising if not everyone made it considering the circumstances, here is the list of some of the potential prospects scheduled to visit.
  • 2024 S KJ Bolden
  • 2024 DE King Joseph Edwards
  • 2024 WR Alex Taylor
  • 2024 WR Jonathan Paylor
  • 2024 OL Blake Franks
  • 2024 OL Kam Pringle
  • 2024 CB Tavoy Feagin
  • 2024 CB Asaad Brown
  • 2024 RB Boo Carter
  • 2024 Jake Guarnera
  • 2024 TE Caleb Odom
  • 2024 TE Ian Flynt
  • 2024 WR Dakari Anderson
  • 2025 RB Gideon Davidson
  • 2024 DL Malik Blocton
  • 2024 ATH Mekhai White
2024 LB Sammy Brown told All Clemson a couple of weeks back that he might be back for this game, and there is also a chance that Clemson's most recent offer, 2023 S Khalil Barnes could be in attendance.

***This list will be updated as more names are added.
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