How good will Clemson's D-line be in 2021?

Brad Senkiw

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On paper, there might never have been this much talent on a Clemson defensive line, and that's counting the 2014 unit and the 2018 squad, which produced three first-round NFL draft picks.

What is the expectation of this year's group led by Myles Murphy, Xavier Thomas, K.J. Henry, Tyler Davis, Bryan Bresee and others? Will it go down in history as the best defensive front in school history?
Not making excuses, but last year our defense was hit hard with injuries and the COVID protocols. I think this year, the experience, the depth and the talent will be overwhelming for our opponents. Just my opinions.


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I think our starting four from 2018 may never be matched. But from a depth standpoint, I think we are even better this year. We have four DEs that would start for any school in the country, and two guys at DTs that are first round picks, backed up by a load of former top 100 recruits. I think being three deep at every position up front will keep every guy at 100% for their reps, which spells serious trouble for opposing offenses.


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To me, there will be 2 keys to the success of our DL and this defense: First, Tyler Davis and Myles Murphy must remain healthy the entire season. We cannot lose either or we are in trouble. Second, the light has to come on (and stay on) for XT or Henry. Both have underachieved in their career thus far and we need one or both to take the next step. Last season, teams could double team or chip Murphy and leave the other DE spot one-on-one. We need production and consistent penetration from the side opposite Murphy.


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Very hyped about the line and due to depth the ability to be tough down to the last snap. Sone DEs may get shorted but everyone will have a chance to shine.