Game Day Thread: Clemson Vs. Georgia Tech

Zach Lentz

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After both teams have had a possession to start the second half, Clemson has 1-yard more of total offense than Tech; 144-143


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BTW that is a terrible call by the officials
Not sure why you say that is a terrible call by the officials if you are referring to the game delay.
The NCAA policy is a game must be stopped for at least 30 minutes if lighting is detected w/in an 8 mile radius of the game site. If thunder is still present, the time will be extended as needed. The officials have no choice but to stop the game for safety of the teams. The game site authorities control the spectators leaving or staying due to weather conditions.
Or they could let them keep playing, violate the policy, let someone be injured due to lightning, and then face the publics outcry, the NCAA punishment, not to mention the lawsuit on the way.


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Yes, I think it is time to try a different QB. The Offensive line needs work but can be salvaged. Our team has an army of players and this is the best???
Don't need a new QB. Not yet, anyway. They need to scheme to his strengths more. For example, with all the height in the receiver corps and his arm, why they aren't torching the secondaries of SC State and GT is a complete mystery. If there's a flaw in our offense outside the atrocious O line, it's that we've got an army of boundary guys playing all 3 positions. Run 4 out there if you need to and at least one will get separation from most secondaries. If you watch how comfortable DJ was slinging it all over ND with a slightly less deep WR group, it's almost criminal they can't give him that outlet some of the time to bolster his confidence.