Clemson expectations after 8 games...

Brad Senkiw

Staff member
Coming out of the FSU win and with what the Tigers have left (Louisville UConn, Wake Forest, South Carolina), what's a reasonable expectation for this team moving forward and how do you judge success?


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Barring a devastating injury, you should absolutely win UL, UConn, & SCar. WF has shown they can score a lot of points while Clemson has not... but if we continue to see these tiny improvements in the offense and the defense has the success it has been having the last few years, we should contend in that one as well... but after what we have seen all year a loss to WF would not be surprising. I imagine it will be a closer game that will depend on if we have any turnovers.
Feature the running game.. let the passing game benefit from that.. and carry on.