Andre Greene Jr Update

Jason Priester

Staff member
Coming into the weekend, North Carolina all but had Greene locked up. Despite Clemson being what he called his "dream school" the Tarheels had swayed the highly touted receiver.

However, the coaching staff KILLED it with Greene this weekend. Dabo Swinney spent more than two hours with him going over how they were planning to use him and answering any and every question asked. it was something that really resonated with Greene. Whether it was enough to win him over is hard to say. At the very least, they sent him home with a lot to think about.

Some of the current commits were pitching to him that if he wanted to play for championships, Clemson was the pick and it was a no-brainer. Cade Klubnik spent a lot of time with him, as they were "neighbors" during their stay. The Tigers did all they could and now the chips will fall where they may.

Greene is set to announce tomorrow at 615 pm. Which way he is leaning is hard to say, and from some of the things I am hearing, I am not sure he has even fully decided yet. Stay tuned.