2023 OL Monroe Freeling

Jason Priester

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Had a chance to get my first in person look at 2023 OL Monroe Freeling on Friday night.

Oceanside Collegiate played a road game at South Florence, losing to the Bruins 29-28 in what was a very competitive football game. Syracuse QB commit Lanorris Sellers was just a little too much for the Landsharks.

As for Freeling, he looked every bit as good as that lofty ranking. Size is legit. He's a man among boys out there. He's extremely good with his run blocking skills, though they didn't run behind him nearly as much as I was anticipating.

He's very powerful. Plays through the whistle and has a nastiness about him.

Only negative thing I can say is I thought his feet were a tad slow at times in his passing blocking. He was susceptible to being beat on the edge by South's smaller, quicker ends. That's something that will get better with experience, though, especially once he's in college.

All in all, I came away thoroughly impressed with the SI99 prospect. He's going to be a solid multi year starter at the next level.
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