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    Prediction story set to drop at 12 pm...

    38-10 Tigers
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    2024 QB Target Sets Commitment Date

    With Vizzina arriving soon, isn’t 2025 the more important class to sign the next elite QB (unless of course we lose someone in ‘23 to the portal)?
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    Best team of all-time?

    This is interesting to think about after what we witnessed against Notre Dame
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    Latest On 2023 DT Kayden Mcdonald

    I several others have placed CB’s for OhioSt this morning, so it must be getting more solid he’s headed north.
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    Latest On 2023 DT Kayden Mcdonald

    Thanks for the update. Fingers crossed.
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    Recruiting Mailbag

    Can you provide some background on Jamarius Haynes? It seems odd he didn’t have some offers from plenty of G5 or FCS programs within the Southeast region. Did he not attend football camps, or has only played football for a couple years in HS?
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    Get them in and get them in now

    24-14 Tigers
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    Decommitment Coming?

    Well that’s a quick way to become a decommit. To attend this game as a FlaSt guest is a pretty bold way to tell Clemson your moving on.
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    **Prediction Thread: NC State at Clemson

    Clemson 31 NCSt 24
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    2024 In-State Prospect Commits to Clemson Baseball

    Nice pickup. Sounds like he’s been coming to Clemson football games for awhile. I suspect he actually enrolls and forgoes the draft.
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    Dabo talks DJU on the ACC Network

    So what’s the feeling about DJ beyond unquestioned leadership and toughness aspects? These are the qualities of a strong game manager if arm talent and other performance attributes are still not to the level expected of a former 5star recruit.
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    Clemson Punter

    I hope Potter doesn’t win the job as a result of the others not stepping up. I’m sure showing off his punting skills to NFL scouts would be a bonus, but I’d prefer he continue to focus on kickoffs and FG’s. Those are the talents that will give him a shot at an NFL career.
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    Wiggins article

    Will, any chance you can link your camp reports here on the forum regularly? Since the SI site and this forum are bit more separated (as compared to other Clemson sites), I often miss reading the latest articles. I typically visit forums first to see what’s being discussed and the articles are...
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    Third and Renfrow

    From Dabo’s praise, it seems we have Cole Turner coming on. Not this year because of the need for Power Hour and the veterans ahead of him. I think we find that guy in some combo of Spector, Taylor, and Stellato. This year will be better for the Tigers.
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    Wiggins article

    Just a quick shout out to Will for the article on Nate Wiggins. I’ve always enjoyed reading your coverage of Clemson football.
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    Clemson Punter

    Weren’t Swanson and the new freshman both highly rated high school punters? Dabo said Day 1 was a disaster but they responded on Day 2. This sounds like growing pains and need for confidence building. I think they get this ironed out before NCSt.
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    What are realistic expectations for….

    If the Michigan catcher transfers to Clemson, then I think they could win around 35 games. I expect Taylor, Grice, and Ingle to have strong seasons at the plate under the new coaching. A couple other young guys we haven’t seen yet will emerge. I guess it comes down to how well Bakich can rebuild...
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    Does Deshaun Watson play another

    That’s an interesting question. I think he gets suspended for this season. The NFL knows his presence sells tickets and brings viewers, so I don’t see a lifetime ban, and I don’t think there will be any more credible accusations coming out.
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    Baseball's postseason hopes are on life support

    There really is no reason to let the Lee era continue if he can’t show progress. This slide against ACC competition is a multi year trend. I know ‘20 was cut short with a strong record but the conference slate was just getting started and honest observers could much the same issues we’ve seen...
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    If you had one wish for the 2022 football season

    For the team to stay healthy. If we have consistent availability of the starters then this team can achieve great things.