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    Clemson Punter

    Is Conn a PWO? The only scholarship special teams players I can find are Robert Gunn and Jackson Smith.
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    Loss of Lannden Zanders

    Thanks Jason
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    Loss of Lannden Zanders

    Jason, Do you feel Clemson will extend any offers to uncommitted or committed safeties with the news of Zanders retiring from football? If so, who do you feel they might offer?
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    2023 DE Keldric Faulk Names Four Finalists, Sets Commitment Date

    Is there a PAW behind the '?'
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    2023 DL Peter Woods Sets Commitment Date

    Do you feel Clemson is in the drivers seat since he has not scheduled an official visit with any of the other schools on his short list?
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    Elite 2023 DL Planning June Official

    Are you aware of any other official visits he is planning to take? If so, do you know which schools he's attending?
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    Commitment Watch: Andre Greene Jr Projection

    Greene goes to UNC
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    Recruiting: Visitors List for UConn

    What are your thoughts on our getting Greene?
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    Halftime question: Does Clemson win this game at NC State?

    Too many D starters out and play calling is predictable. = trouble for the Tigers
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    Halftime question: Does Clemson win this game at NC State?

    We can win if DJ rolls out of the pocket.
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    Travis Shaw Sets Commitment Date

    If he chooses Clemson, he can rest assured he will have a coach for life. Not so sure about Mack's longevity.
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    Travis Shaw Update

    I on a Tar Heel board that Zach Rice was on campus.
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    Travis Shaw Update

    I know the weekend isn't over, but does anyone know if Shaw visited UNC or Georgia this weekend? Any word on how things went?
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    Jaren Kanak announcing his commitment tonight

    Per his twitter feed he will be committing tonight at 7pm CT.
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    Looking Ahead to All In Cookout

    Do you know of any linebackers attending the Cookout?