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  1. JohnSarian

    2022 WR Adam Randall Trying to Help Tigers Recruit

    Is Greene still a stretch for Clemson?
  2. JohnSarian

    What is the biggest key to the Tigers winning Saturday?

    To be honest the key in my view is how well the Clemson WR and RB improve. It seems unrealistic at this point to expect the O line to make that much improvement. But fir the love of God, the WR can step up their blocking at a minimum which will give us some chances for DJ to to make plays. If...
  3. JohnSarian

    On a scale of 1-10...

    Now do Pitt......
  4. JohnSarian

    Robbie Caldwell On Hand to Watch Highly-Touted 2023 OL

    Some fans may see that and hope it was also a first, informal interview if you know what I mean.
  5. JohnSarian

    On a scale of 1-10

  6. JohnSarian

    Give Us Your Score Predictions

    My dart landed on 24 - 9. I just don't want Doeren's team to be the first to score a TD this year. Even if the do, at worst it'll be 24 - 13.
  7. JohnSarian

    What Are You Looking For?

    Agree with all the above, and add: impose you freakin' will on the defense a few times. This crazy idea you have to play only by their terms is so not football to me. When even your slot man is taller by inches than many backs, it's crazy to have almost no passing game. Davis Allen should be a...
  8. JohnSarian

    Game Day Thread: Clemson Vs. Georgia Tech

    Don't need a new QB. Not yet, anyway. They need to scheme to his strengths more. For example, with all the height in the receiver corps and his arm, why they aren't torching the secondaries of SC State and GT is a complete mystery. If there's a flaw in our offense outside the atrocious O line...
  9. JohnSarian

    Our Sources were wrong and I, as the publisher, own this mistake...

    I'm a fan of apologies. But, I have to admit I'm without a clue here.
  10. JohnSarian

    Elite 2023 LB Has Clemson in Top Schools List

    I get what kids are doing. Announcing 12 or 10 isn't very telling. Ot exciting.
  11. JohnSarian

    Dabo Swinney says that Dietrick Pennington is out for the season with a torn ACL

    Hate it for him. But also for the team.The O line ranks keep getting thinner.
  12. JohnSarian

    Phil Mafah

    You cannot fight you disputes with coaches on social media and expect to win.
  13. JohnSarian

    Watch: Clemson’s chances of making the national championship are zero

    Finebaum often gets his reasoning wrong. In this case his conclusion is closer to what I'm thinking even if some of his reasons are off.
  14. JohnSarian

    ***Grading Clemson's Loss to Georgia

    Did you not see him put the offense on his back at ND? He's got the "eff you I'm gonna make a play" gene. But somehow that either got coached out if him or they added too much information all at once. No doubt the ran a more simplified scheme for his benefit last year. But he looked slow in...
  15. JohnSarian

    ***Grading Clemson's Loss to Georgia

    Gotta say you were very generous in your ratings for both WRs and RBs. The only performance that seemed to not be a flunk was from Ngata. All other WR and RB made more mistakes than good plays. Not 100% on the RB because of the line, but still, Pace slipped a number of times and just didn't look...
  16. JohnSarian

    ***Clemson's Dabo Swinney Addresses Lack of Running Game in Loss to Georgia

    I'm not one of them, but I'm starting to get a little surprised there are so many Tiger fans lashing out at Dabo for what they say is throwing players under the bus instead taking 100% of the responsibility himself. I guess they won't be happy until the answer every question with, "I suck at my...
  17. JohnSarian

    Who are you pulling for tonight?

    I desperately want at least ONE ACC team to look ready for college football in their first game......probably can't put ND in that category, so FSU it is.
  18. JohnSarian

    Wow. Heels offense is awful.

    I know they lost talent, and didn't bring every starter, but man they look nothing like 2020 or even 2019. And Fuente has really built a disciplined team. Burmeister is by far the better QB tonight.
  19. JohnSarian

    Drink enough beer and…

    Might have to drink and find a way to hallucinate. Dream yourself all the way back to the Tommy West- Ray Goff era.
  20. JohnSarian

    Clemson-Georgia Most In-Demand Ticket On Market

    A little surprised that Georgia-Florida isn't even in the top 10. A lot of long term Dawg fans I know would have to be incapacitated in order to miss that game.