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    Sunday Recruiting Notes

    Anyone in the February signing period the Tigers are likely to target?
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    Mailbag is open...

    Has Uiagalelei’s knee been hurting all year, perhaps? Seems to me he made more accurate throws once he had to put on the brace.
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    What is the biggest key to the Tigers winning Saturday?

    if they can get pressure from the front four, there will be an ability to blitz less and leave fewer open areas in the field that so many opponents have exploited. play more base. the biggest key though is the OL giving Uiagalelei faith that he has time to operate and that might mean a need...
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    What do you think is the No. 1 thing that the Tigers

    1) compile a tape for the offense with comparisons of missed blocking opportunities vs successful blocks. and for extra credit, 2) take the playcalling changes that worked last week and build not only plays that build off those theories but ones that complement them by making the defense respect...
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    Clemson Doesn't Make Final Cut for 2022 WR Target

    dangit i meant to say williams … instead of randall who is already all in …
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    Clemson Doesn't Make Final Cut for 2022 WR Target

    this tells me Thompson figures Greene and/or Randall is gonna run through the foothills …
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    How good will Clemson's D-line be in 2021?

    y’all. don’t sleep on justin foster.
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    Clemson and FSU to SEC?

    that deal was signed in 2013. guarantee it is worth more now, and that they are worth more as a part of a conference than alone. that said, your larger point is right, adding only ND won’t fully bridge that gap.
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    Clemson and FSU to SEC?

    might still not be enough, good point. (and then there’s the fact that disney’s tourism numbers are still down, which absolutely matters to how far espn can go on things that aren’t absolutely top-notch… can they go in huge on two conferences at once even if ND can be absorbed?)
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    Dabo Swinney HEAT

    The national media sure has a short memory, forgetting all the stories from 2015-17 about how Swinney builds “culture” the right way with all the extra attention to Clemson’s players being able to participate in PAW Journey, charity events, mission trips, high grad rate, etc. Now it’s flipped to...
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    Bockhorst on SEC Defenses: 'We Put 44 on Alabama. ... Quote That One'

    I love it. Now it’s time to do it again…
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    Clemson and FSU to SEC?

    Fact of the matter is, only ND can save the ACC and force a renegotiation. Barring that happening unexpectedly, and given that our relatively small alumni base makes conference revenue important, yes head to the SEC if possible.
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    Who is the one Clemson Tiger...

    center. whoever that is.
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    Keon Sabb Announces Commitment Date

    this lowers my confidence that Sabb is a Clemson lean, given that he wants to keep taking visits …