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    2022 TE Josh Sapp Sets Commitment Date

    Setting a date so soon after getting an offer, makes me feel pretty good about getting him. What are your thoughts Jason?
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    Confirmed: 2 Georgia Players to Likely Miss Clemson Game; Have undergone surgery

    I agree 100%, but after losing their main TE threat, if he suddenly became available, I would imagine they would rush him into action if possible. They might not, but I’d much rather hedge my bet with “who knows”
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    Confirmed: 2 Georgia Players to Likely Miss Clemson Game; Have undergone surgery

    Wow, that could be huge for them. Washington out a number of weeks and who knows what’s happening with Gilbert.
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    Travis Shaw Sets Commitment Date

    I’m hopeful that the Tigers can pull him in, but for some reason I feel like he is headed to UNC. Don’t ask me why, but I feel like he wants to be the guy, rather than one of the guys. Just a feeling, and I really hope I’m wrong, but guess we will see soon. Let’s go Tigers!
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    Live from Dabo Swinney's Fall Camp Opener Press Conference

    Absolutely wonderful news.
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    Should Clemson get out of the ACC

    I think a move would be better for the tigers if it became available. I just don’t know, with the grant of rights, how much it would cost to get out of the current contract. And I don’t think the Acc would want to negotiate their best team leaving with so many years left in the contract.
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    One of Nation's Top 2023 CB's Set to Visit Clemson Again

    That’s a good sign. If he was impressed enough to go game and say, “hey mom, you have got to come and check this out.” I would think that bodes very well for Clemson’s chances.
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    More On Daylen Everette UNC Hat Toss

    That could be a definite side note to keep an eye on.